Miniflux 1.1.9 released

Here are the main changes of this version:

  • Favicons are now stored on the file system instead of the database
  • PicoFeed updated to fix several bugs
  • More content scraper rules
  • Use case insensitive comparison when validating the fever API key (avoid issues with some clients)
  • Better groups navigation
  • Add a database parameter to the bookmark feed URL
  • Use function random_bytes() of PHP7 if available
  • Do not show feed title/url when browsing the articles of a chosen feed
  • Show article author if available
  • Move item action links to the top
  • Updated Czech translation
  • Updated zh_CN translation
  • Updates ru_RU translation
  • Add Turkish translation
  • Add items count per page: 10, 20, 30
  • Limit the heading to one line for desktop clients
  • Avoid orphan groups when deleting a feed
  • Remove error flag from feed on edit
  • Include groups into API
  • Updated Dockerfile

Thanks to all contributors!

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