Miniflux 1.1.8 released

  • Add feed groups (tags)
  • Add custom rules directory support
  • Add no referrer policy in meta tags and content security directives
  • Update of PicoFeed with new scraper rules
  • Enable Strict-Transport-Security header for HTTPS
  • Change CSP directives to allow data url (Fix issue with Firefox 40)
  • Toggle text direction for full content preview as well
  • Add Russian translation
  • Updated Czech translation
  • Mark items on page 2+ read as well
  • Allow to override the maximum feed size limit
  • Added a config option to select how many concurrent refreshes are done on the subscription page
  • Catch exceptions for image proxy
  • Improve CSS for preview full content
  • Minor feed edit dialog improvements
  • Expose all feed errors to the frontend when adding a subscription
  • Keep selected options on feed adding error
  • Fix bug when the summery helper doesn't contains whitespace
  • Fix Fever API bug: enable send bookmark to third-party services

Thanks to all contributors!

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