Miniflux 1.1.7

  • New translations: Serbian and Arabic
  • The user interface can be displayed in Right-to-Left for Arabic language (work in progress)
  • It's now possible to cloak the referrer for specific feeds
  • Themes made contributors are moved outside of the archive (They can be downloaded on Github)
  • New config option to disable mark as read for original link
  • The debug mode have to be enabled in the settings page now (console logs)
  • Improved Image proxy (used to avoid mixed content warnings for people that use SSL)
  • New keyboard shortcuts to navigate between articles: left and right arrows
  • New content grabber rules
  • Better consistency for sub-menus
  • Use radio buttons for database selection
  • Better favicon support, also available from the Fever API
  • Existing translations updated
  • Code cleanup and bug fixes

Thanks to all contributors!

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