Miniflux 1.1.6

After so many changes in the development version, it was time to release a new version:

Third-party bookmark services

It's now possible to sync Miniflux bookmarks with external services: Instapaper and Pinboard.

External services

Feed reading/parsing improvements

  • Move to the last version of PicoFeed (the open source library used to parse RSS feeds)
  • Favicons support
  • Experimental image proxy to avoid SSL mixed content warnings (will be improved in the next release)
  • New content grabber rules

Other improvements

  • Add option to flush all unread items after X days, default 45 days (avoid very large database of unread items)
  • New keyboard shortcut to toggle the RTL mode (press the key "z")
  • Display & update the number of unread items on every page with an "unread items" menu
  • The Fever API can use multiple databases with Apache, read the documentation
  • Move token regeneration to the advanced config section and make clear which services get a new token
  • Add refresh link to the feed page items
  • Integration tests with Selenium
  • Many bug fixes and code improvements

Related projects

You can list your own projects on the Miniflux's README, just send a pull-request through Github.

Special thanks to the contributor Mathias Kresin who make many patches and improvements to the code.

Thanks to translators, contributors and everybody that give feedbacks/bug reports.

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