Miniflux 1.1.10 released

Here are the main changes of this version:

  • Code cleanup
  • Do not use anymore Closure compiler for Javascript
  • Added the possibility to swipe to archive an item on mobile devices
  • Make the whole menu row clickable on small screens
  • Add API methods for groups
  • Added Beanstalkd producer/worker
  • Use HTTP_HOST instead of SERVER_NAME to guess hostname
  • Run php-cs-fixer on the code base
  • Add sorting direction link to the history section
  • Make read/bookmark icons more usable in mobile view
  • Record last login timestamp in the database
  • Add japanese language
  • Replace help window by layer
  • Create automatically the favicon directory if missing
  • Add group filter to history and bookmarks section
  • Dependencies update

Thanks to all contributors!

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