Miniflux Hosting

The subscription is only $15/year with a free trial period of 7 days.

Why use the hosted version?

Everything is handled for you
You don't have to worry about technical details: servers, security updates, SSL certificates, domain names, backups, monitoring etc...
Always up to date
This solution is maintained by the creator of Miniflux. There is always bug fixes and improvements.
Automatic update and backup
Your subscriptions are updated automatically by a cronjob and we make a backup of your database every day.
Sustainable business model
If you're not paying for it, you're the product. There is no ads, no user tracking, no spam, no marketing. We are small, not a large scale business.
Human customer support
You can talk directly by email to the main developer, a real human, not another outsourced customer support. We can communicate in English or in French.
Compatible with the open source version
The hosted version run exactly the same code as the open-source version.
Secure connection
You can access to Miniflux by HTTPS with a valid SSL certificate.
Where is hosted Miniflux?
Miniflux is hosted on a server located in London, UK. The network latency is better if you live in Europe but it's perfectly fine from North America too.

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